In the heart of Hyde Park on tree-lined Michigan Avenue, studio s delivers workouts with substance. We believe that the best approach to fitness is fundamentally personal–centered on your needs, goals, and potential. We offer a diversity of highly-qualified, caring trainers and instructors so that you can find your specific style.

studio s will help you cultivate a powerful yet balanced training strategy through classes, semi-privates, and one-on-one that address the fundamentals of fitness: strength (Personal Training & S60), cardiovascular endurance (Spinning & Running), and core strength & whole-body flexibility (Pilates Mat & Reformer).

private services

personal training

A combination of strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility work individualized to meet your goals and designed to keep your body balanced.

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intro to pilates reformer

Are you new to Pilates or to the Reformer? These two introductory private sessions will get you acquainted with the practice of Pilates and the experience/vocabulary of the Reformer.

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group classes


A fun, calorie-burning indoor cycling workout that uses individual heart-rate to guide intensity.

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mat pilates

Based on the Pilates method, this mat class is designed to strengthen your core, tone and stretch your whole body while improving body mechanics.

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equipment classes

group pilates reformer

The Reformer is a machine designed to strengthen deep abdominals, back, and hip muscles as well as tone and stretch the entire body.

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S60 (Strength 60 minutes)

S60 is a powerful strength class that packs a full-body workout into 60 minutes. Each week we will perform different types of strength training intervals involving body weight exercises, free weights, BOSU, stability ball, bands, foam roller and more.

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