Created by cyclist Johnny G., this high-intensity ride uses heart-rate monitoring to measure participant exertion along varied “terrain.” Classes are choreographed with music and designed with various drills meant to simulate outdoor riding (hills, sprints, flats, etc.). This 60-minute workout encourages riders to work on mental focus while burning more calories than any other form of cardiovascular exercise. Rides are designed for all levels of fitness.

First time clients, please arrive 10 minutes early for proper bike and heart rate monitor set-up. Bring water, wear gym shoes or for cycling shoes our bikes are SPD clip-in compatible.

mat pilates

When Joseph Pilates started his training method in the early 1900s, he called it “Contrology” due to the discipline’s necessity of using the mind to guide the body. Taken directly from his training methods, Pilates exercises focus on the core postural muscles that keep the body balanced and support the spine. Pilates teaches awareness of breath and purposeful, concentrated movement in order to strengthen deep torso muscles and, in doing so, “re-educate” the body to move in its most efficient way.

group class passes:

Your first class is free!

$20 single class

$125 10-class pass

$225 20-class pass

$125 unlimited 1-month class pass

$360 unlimited 3-month class pass

$1220 unlimited 1-year class pass

$210 combo 10-pack of classes (5 group classes, 5 equipment classes)

*Numbered class passes do not have an expiration date.

*Advanced registration is not required, but is recommended to guarantee your spot. Please arrive early; if you are not there by the time class starts, your spot may be given to someone else. For your safety and to minimize disruptions to the class, you will not be permitted to join if you are more than 15 minutes late.

*Waitlist policy: if you are added to the waitlist for a class, you are responsible for removing yourself from the waitlist if you can no longer attend the class. If you get into the class, you will be notified via email. Failure to show up for a class results in being charged for the class.

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